Protothon on March 24th, Stockholm, Sweden

With the help of our friends Peter, Joe, Clara and Johan from, we are organizing a day long event on Saturday, March 24th 2012 in Stockholm Sweden. Prototype hacking with WebRTC.

While some of you may think it is very early to do such an event, we think the timing is perfect:

  • Software designers should get a kick out of being amongst the first playing with this technology, and influencing it’s outcome.

  • We get hugely valuable feedback, the kind of hands-on feedback usually not present in API specification discussions.

We will have, on hand, people that have written and edited the WebRTC API, people that have implemented it in Chrome / WebKit and signal processing experts that make the magic happen underneath the APIs and browser integrations.

Our goal until then is to get the latest JSEP proposal implemented in Chrome, make an abstraction JS library available (for simplicity) and get the demo open sourced.

Hope you will sign up … ([here])!