PeerConnection is now Deprecated

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In today’s forecast, we expect to see sunny skies and a chance of breakage. If you have been writing WebRTC demos with Chrome, this will affect your demo.

The Chrome WebRTC (that’s us!) team is very active at both the W3C and IETF to get the APIs in tip top shape. Our goal is to have our implementation follow the API quickly. The result? Chrome Canary and Chrome Dev will go through major changes, starting today, that will break your existing work. Fortunately, fixing is easy! Please read the following carefully:

  1. The current PeerConnection API is now renamed DeprecatedPeerConnection. We are keeping the old PeerConnection around to give you time to move to it. A simple rename will keep your demos working.

DeprecatedPeerConnection will be deleted a short while after JSEP is fully intergrated into the WebRTC standard and PeerConnection00 is renamed PeerConnection.

  1. We are working on the new PeerConnection API. It’s not done yet. JSEP is a new signalling API that is described in this internet draft: The WebRTC W3C workgroup is working on integrating this draft into the W3C Specification.

The new JSEP PeerConnection will be called PeerConnection00. We will keep a version number until the W3C workgroup finalizes the standard. By using version numbers, we can hopefully avoid “hard” breakage like the one we are causing now.

If you adopt this new version, you will be closer to the final spec, but you will have to expect breakage if we update from 00 to 01 and so on.

You will notice that JSEP allows lower level operations, but is more complex. To offset this complexity, +Harald Tveit Alvestrand created a Javascript library that abstracts JSEP and mimics the “old” way of doing things. You can find it here: Disclaimer: It’s a first version but should be useful to keep your old demos running once we switch fully to JSEP.

Here is the timeline we expect to follow:

  • Today’s PeerConnection is being renamed DeprecatedPeerConnection (NOW for Canary, soon for Chrome Dev.)

  • A new experimental PeerConnection will be introduced as PeerConnection00 (gradually during the next few weeks)

  • As the JSEP draft iterates PeerConnection00 might become PeerConnection01. The old PeerConnection00 won’t stay around.

  • When the standard is fully updated with the final JSEP API PeerConnection00 (or PeerConnection01 etc) will be updated accordingly and renamed PeerConnection.

  • A few weeks later (tops) DeprecatedPC will be deleted.

The demos, issues and comments you have sent us are extremely motivating. We hope you will take the time to replace the string “PeerConnection” with “DeprecatedPeerConnection” in your code. Iterating an early standard is a challenge and we apologize for the inconvenience. I promise to update this page frequently and answer questions about this quickly.

The WebKit bug entries that can be used to track the chaos are:

Overall move to JSEP

Rename to DeprecatedPeerConnection