Prerequisite Software

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Depot Tools

  1. Install the Chromium depot tools.

  2. On Windows, depot tools will download a special version of Git during your first gclient sync. On Mac and Linux, you’ll need to install Git by yourself (

Linux (Ubuntu/Debian)

A script is provided for Ubuntu, which is unfortunately only available after your first gclient sync:


Most of the libraries installed with this script are not needed since we now build using Debian sysroot images in build/linux, but there are still some tools needed for the build that are installed with

You may also want to have a look at the Chromium Linux Build instructions if you experience any other problems building.


Follow step 1 and 2 at Chromium’s build instructions for Windows.


Xcode 5 or higher. Latest Xcode is recommended to be able to build all code.


You’ll need a Linux development machine. WebRTC is using the same Android toolchain as Chrome (downloaded into third_party/android_tools) so you won’t need to install the NDK/SDK separately.

  1. Install Java OpenJDK as described in the Chromium Android prerequisites
  2. All set! If you don’t run Ubuntu, you may want to have a look at Chromium’s Linux prerequisites for distro-specific details.